Boot prints/ tracks on hardwood floor.

As busy people ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get in the mood to clean. However, it is often necessary for upkeep and to maintain beautiful and functional floors. In order to get the most out of your time, we thought we’d compile some tips on how to clean your hardwood floors more effectively. Of course nothing will beat a good clean every so often, but hopefully these tips help you to clean faster when you do.

  1. Prevent

One of the easiest ways is to stop the majority of dirt before it even reaches your floor. This will not only help to prevent damage like scuffs and scratches, but will also help to minimize the amount of time you are forced to be cleaning your floors.

There are quite a few ways to do this. One is with rugs. Keep them near entrances and exits to be most effective. You can also have rugs in high traffic areas to keep your feet comfortable, and to provide extra protection for the wood. Rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. They can even be customized to include your family initials, or a phrase that you enjoy.

For added prevention, have a shoes-off policy in your home so extra dirt not removed by the rugs or doormats are not being tracked onto your floors. Shoes like stilettos and cleats can damage your floors by creating indentations and scratches. A shoes-off policy can help to prevent this.

  1. A little goes a long way

A little bit every now and then, whether it’s while you’re waiting for something to be microwaved or even while you brush your teeth, can help to take care of one area easily. Doing a little bit each weekday, can help to prevent what can feel like an overwhelming task on the weekends.

Other small tasks that will help you will be to have the needed tools on hand. Not having the correct wood cleaner or mop (if you would like a handle, rather than just rags), will slow you down and would not encourage you to clean your floors. Luckily, wood floors don’t require much to keep them cleaned and polished.

  1. Add some music

Music is a great driver in encouraging speediness or to make menial tasks a bit more fun, so the time seems to pass by faster. Get into the groove with a good playlist or with a favorite movie in the background. We won’t tell if you bring out the white socks, sunglasses, and button-up to have a mini-performance in your home a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Just be sure not to get too carried away or you might end up having missed spots, which will only add to your cleaning time!

We are becoming increasingly busy, but that shouldn’t mean that our homes and floors have to suffer. At Floor Coverings International Kennesaw we want to make your life easier, and we hope these tips helped. What do you do to save time while still maintaining a clean and beautiful home? Share your ideas with us below!

Image by Keith Misner, available under Public Domain through Creative Commons License Zero (CC0 1.0).