At Floor Coverings International your experience and satisfaction is our top priority. We actively survey all of our customers after we complete a project for them. We’ve achieved an exceptional 4.7 out of 5.0 average rating across all of the customers we’ve served in North America. You can trust us to do an outstanding job on your flooring project.




June 2015

“Tim came to the house on Memorial Day to help us pick out carpet and flooring to ensure we could meet our timeline for project completion. I did think it was all a bit too good to be true… Great product, great price, excellent service and meeting our really short timeline. But it wasn’t and it was worth the investment because the work made the space a real home for my daughter.

– Lynda B.”

May 2015

“Sales – Always on time for appointments. Lots of products to choose from. Explained differences in similar products. No pressure. Install – On time, very pleasant, worked hard. Put everything back in place and left the area just as they found it, except with beautiful new floors.

– Mrs. Watt “

April 2015

“Let me start from the beginning, and please be patient, as this is going to take a while. I feel compelled to write this assessment about Floor Coverings International, as the workmanship, material, and “over-the-top” extra customer service that I was provided, is absolutely unrivaled, incomparable, and unparalleled. Also, should you take the time to read this, it might help you to make a decision that will save you an awful lot of money, and definitely enable you to get yourself more, “bang for your buck.” These guys really care!!

In March of this year, I decided that I wanted to do an entire “make-over” of the interior of my home. My family (myself, my wife, our three young daughters, and our three cats) have lived in our home now for twelve years. Sky blue carpeting, had adorned our entrance-way, hallway, living room, dining room, master bedroom, stairs, and upstairs landing, and our daughter’s bedrooms, for all of those years. Needless to say, our growing adolescents, daily traffic, accidental spills, and furry felines, took a toll on our carpet’s appearance, and, the future of it’s longevity had long surpassed. It was time for a change!

I considered my options for change, hardwood flooring versus laminate flooring versus carpeting, and kept an ever watchful eye on my budget. I decided on laminate flooring, for the entrance-way, dining room, living room and hallway, and carpeting, for my daughter’s bedrooms and the master bedroom, and vinyl tile, for all of the bathrooms and our kitchen. After discussing my concept with my wife, I started researching contractors to undertake my project.

My first call, was to a very well-known flooring provider with a namesake like that of a famous State building in Manhattan, and which was advertising, “buy one room of flooring and get two more free!” What a deal, I thought to myself, and gave them a call. I scheduled an in-home appointment with one of their representatives, to look at some of their samples, and get an estimate of what my “make-over” was going to cost me. A polite salesman/representative showed up at my home that evening, and me and my wife, looked at an array of product samples, finally choosing some very nice laminate flooring, carpeting, and vinyl tile to redecorate our home. The representative, then took all of the interior measurements for all of the rooms of our home, arrived at a sub-total cost per our choice of materials, per area, and then calculated the installation and various other charges to be added in (padding, removal of old carpet, furniture moving, etc.) and presented us with a final figure. All said and done, he happily informed us that my house flooring “make-over” was going to cost me $7,200! I thanked him for his time, and politely told him that, “that’s about $2,000 more than what my budget would allow,” and that, I was going to think about it for awhile, and I would get back to him. I got a call from him the next day, and he told me that his manager authorized a $400.00 dollar reduction, bringing my total to $6800.00. “Nah, thanks, but no thanks,” I told him.

Undeterred, and determined to get my project completed within my budget, I contacted another well-known flooring company (with stores in every state across the country) and for comparable material and installation, they had quoted me nearly the exact same figures for my house “make-over,” as the first contractor had.

Unbowed, it was back to the drawing board! I went on-line and Googled, ‘flooring contractors, kennesaw, ga’ and found and advertisement for, ‘Floor Coverings International.’ I called the number provided and scheduled an in-home appointment with one of their floor covering specialists. Their representative showed up at my home that evening, a gentleman by the name of Tim Carr, and again, me and my wife looked at an array of samples, and chose some very nice material for our home. To be completely honest with you, the material that we chose, particularly the laminate flooring, was of a more expensive/better grade than we had chosen with the previous two companies, and, it was much more attractive to the eye as well. Additionally, the carpet we picked, was of equal grade in comparison to the other two companies, yet, the vinyl tile, was also a better grade than we had chosen with the other two companies, in that it was a “luxury” grade type of vinyl tile.

While talking with Tim about his past experience in the industry, I learned that Tim used to install carpeting himself, and was a contractor for over fifteen years while owning his own company. I also learned, that Tim was once a pastor, and is now a mentor of young people. ‘I like this man,’ I thought to myself, he was very personable, sincere, honest, knowledgeable, and “happy.” Tim then proceeded to measure all of the rooms, calculated all of the associated costs, and arrived at his final figure. Tim then announced, “the whole job is going to cost you $5,500.”“WOW!” I said, “you’re almost there Tim!” I told Tim that if he could get me to $5,000, then we would have a deal. Tim said that he would talk to his boss, Bob, and see what they could do.

To my surprise, two days later, Tim called me to tell me that Bob had approved a cost of $4,812 to do the job!! That was a savings of nearly $2000 over the competition!! And with better material to boot!!! “Done deal!!” I excitedly told Tim, and asked him to come by that evening so we could sign the paperwork. With that type of savings, I thought to myself, maybe I could paint the interior of my home in it’s “make-over” as well. Armed now with a painter’s referral which Tim provided me, this is precisely what I did! And, I accomplished it all at a cost (combined with my cost with Tim’s company for my flooring) nearly equal to what it would have cost me for the flooring alone, had I gone with those “other guys!” I got my whole house painted, walls (in various colors) and ceilings,  and my entire house’s flooring refinished, for $7,200!!! Now that’s what I call a bargain! But wait. It get’s even better!

The installers arrived at my home bright and early for work on a Monday morning. Lester, of Silva Flooring and Tile, along with his partner, Sebastian, had a combined floor installation experience of over 35 years. Lester and his crew, which consisted of two more helpers and installers, proceeded to move furniture and tear out all of the old carpet, while I, left for work. Returning home from work that evening around 4:30pm, I was surprised to see that the entire house was nearly completed, in one day!! The only work left to do, was the vinyl tile work for the bathrooms and the kitchen, and a small area of laminate flooring in the hallway. Now here is where I want to elaborate, and tell everyone, about the special attention the owner of Floor Coverings International, Bob Tlumak, gave me, and the integrity of Bob, and his installer, Lester.

I learned that Lester was not able to begin the installation of the luxury vinyl tile, because the shipper had mishandled two of the boxes of tile while shipping, and had apparently dropped the boxes on their edges, breaking the corners of the tiles inside. Discussing the problem with Bob, and with Bob determining that reordering the tile through the manufacturer would take several days or more, Bob decided that his number one concern was to ameliorate the entire situation by ultimately making his customer happy. Bob declared to me that he would foot the bill, for an “upgrade” to ceramic tile, which Lester and Sebastian said they would provide. Now this is what I call, “above and beyond the call of duty” in providing customer service, as the upgrade to ceramic tile which we received, in relation to material and installation costs, was in excess of $500 to $600!! Not to mention the durability and beauty of the product itself which we were afforded!! I also want to add, that Bob had gone out of his way (and went into his pocket again) to provide us with special cleaning products, a mop, a duster, a broom, and furniture leg padding to help clean and protect our newly installed laminated flooring.

If you’re considering installing any type of new flooring in your home, don’t even think about looking to any other floor covering provider. Floor Coverings International, is the penultimate provider of any, and all, of your floor covering needs. They have unbeatable pricing, top-of-the-line materials, and excellent workmanship. Bob, Tim, Lester, and Sebastian are only ones, that will treat you and your home like you’re special! And take that bit of advice, from a stubborn, critical, hard-to-please and convince, 62 year-old man, that will stand behind every statement of accolade I bestowed upon them. Thanks for your time, and, God Bless.

Johnny B.”