Oak flooring adds warmth to any room and is one of the most popular species of hardwood flooring for homes in the Woodstock, Kennesaw, and Marietta, Georgia area. Many choose oak wood flooring because of it’s durability, it’s relatively low price, and it’s vast styling options.


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Oak flooring comes in two varieties: red and white.

Red oak is the most common hardwood floor species used in North America. Both oak varieties are native to North America and many are even manufactured right here in the United States. While both red and white oak rank high on the Janka hardness scale, making them a durable hardwood option, white oak usually ranks slightly higher than red oak. Your oak floors will work well in high-traffic areas as they can take a beating and resist scuffs and scrapes.

Red varieties tend to have pinkish undertones while white varieties tend to be darker and more yellow in hue. Oak wood floors tend to give a warm character to a space as they do have very prominent grain patterns. The red oak varieties generally have wilder grain patterns compared to white oak.

Style Options

Oak’s varied styling options make it a popular choice for wood flooring in the Marietta, Kennesaw, and Acworth, Georgia area, because it can be customized to many design and decor needs.

Start by choosing a solid, engineered, or laminate wood oak flooring. Solid and engineered wood floors can be refinished multiple times, so you can be sure to enjoy your oak floors for years to come. If you love the appearance of hardwood oak flooring but not the cost or maintenance of a traditional hardwood floor, consider choosing laminate or engineered wood flooring. You won’t get the durability of solid hardwood oak, but you’ll still have many style options to choose from.

Choose from a nearly limitless number of stains and hues to fit your needs. White oak tends to accept stains better than red, making it a good species to consider if you’re looking for a customized wood option. Red oaks are naturally more porous than white oaks, so it is very important to seal and finish them to prevent damage and stains from moisture or spills.

Further customize your floors by choosing a distressing option and a plank size to fit your project. Most homes use a strip wood plank, although wide plank formats are increasing in popularity. Hand scraping and distressing is also popular as it can help to conceal scratches and scuffs while adding rustic charm.

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